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plan to be present

I promise that my blogs will focus on advocacy and school related issues soon but right now it is summer and I am doing my best to be present with my family each and every day! We returned from our midwest adventure (a couple pics above) 2 days ago and I am drowning in laundry, bills and getting the boys back to their busy schedules of ESY, Jr. Lifeguards and summer school for Everett. Now, believe me, I can get on a roll and cross stuff off of my to-do list with the best of them, but I am being mindful to pace myself, get a little (maybe a little more than a little) done each day while the boys are out of the house so I can be truly present once 12:30, as you know ESY if only a half day, rolls around and Luke is back home wanting to get on his Ipad.

Luke likes to ask for “10”. “10” means I need a little me time and would like to go upstairs in my room with my Ipad. “10” is usually more like “30” or sometimes “60”, minutes that is. But it is hot outside and we don’t have air conditioning so Luke’s room is HOT. This helps remind me that it is important and fun to keep busy with him in the afternoon instead of crossing more stuff off of my list. Plus, we all know that too much screen time is not a good thing.

What to do today? I think we will finish up lunch once he’s home and head out for a neighborhood bike ride. Then we will do some light grocery shopping so he can work on choosing what he’d like to eat, his patience waiting in line, paying for his groceries and his communication skills at the store. After that it will be time to pick up Everett from Junior Lifeguards and when we are home at 3:30, Luke can finally have his well deserved “10” before dinner at 5pm, yes Luke likes to eat dinner #1 at 5 o’clock sharp.

Making and keeping a daily schedule is not easy. I still use a throwback paper planner and do a separate daily schedule each morning to set my goals for the day and some of my goals include slowing down and not trying to get as much done as possible each day so I can spend quality time with my boys. I practice what I preach so here’s my daily schedule. See, it’s quick, easy, on a piece of paper I snagged from our VRBO but it keeps me focused each morning with the afternoon left wide open to do what I want to do while still feeling productive each day. I love my planner and in just over a month Everett will start high school, Luke begins Adult Transition, I will be super busy with advocacy clients, we will most likely have a new puppy running around the house and so my planner is my sanity! It is what helps me multitask but equally as important it helps me carve out time each day to just be present with my family.

Please share what works for you planning wise and with being present. These days go fast and it’s all happening now! Seize the day, set and achieve your daily and long term goals but don’t forget how important it is to take time to slow down and just be present, it’s good for the body, mind and spirit!

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